Mude Threads The Girl Gang Sustainable Tee

Mude Threads The Girl Gang Sustainable Tee


100% ethical.

Sustainable and empowering tee.

The Design

These babes are based on REAL women's bodies - I have taken inspiration from real women's nude commissions, as well as from the brave models that took part in our F*CK CENSORSHIP shoot.

The Tee

We take a lot of pride in our decision to use an ethical and environmentally sustainable supplier. This design is printed onto a Continental Clothing t-shirt. Continental Clothing are part of the Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Wear Foundation works with brands and industry influencers to improve working conditions where your clothing is made. Continental implements a living wage project at its main supplier in India for which it has won the FWF 2016 Best Practice Award. This super soft tee is made from 100% organic cotton, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Brand: Mude Threads

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