The Story Behind 1n1 Fashion n Pizza


1n1, Martina n Andrea

Here was the 1st year at 1n1 fashion n pizza, Spitalfields.

PS. Yes, it’s blurred but we love this picture! :)

Hi there!

We’re excited to introduce to you all our first ever “story” post! YAAAY!

We decided to start this to give you a greater insight into our store, share some stories about what we do, the brands we feature, latest arrivals, and our menu that changes seasonally.

We moved to London, from Italy, on April 1st 2014, for a change after I finished studying Fashion Communication at IED in Milan . We wanted to experience new cultures, explore new things and we especially wanted to learn the language. The both of us got temporary jobs, Martina worked in a boutique and Andrea was working at a pizzeria. Living in London has always been a dream of ours, an entrepreneurial life is not easy to accomplish back home.

I came up with the idea of opening a shop, after discovering the pop-up world one day in South Kensington. The idea of open temporary stores came about in 2015. That summer we opened our first pop-up store for three months in Old Street where we had a great experience, started amazing collaborations with brands such as Depop, Chiara Ma Che Davvero?, The Clothing Lounge…

After we closed we went back to Italy for a rest and in the meantime, we created our own brand of reclaimed furniture, called Redesign. Starting to sell our creations at the famous East Market in Milan and online at, we decided to stay in Italy for a year and then coming back to reopen our first permanent store in the Spitalfields area.

Where did the name “ 1n1 fashion n pizza “ come from? We spent a lot of time thinking about our name and as the shop is about us and what we love, we combined our anniversary number, 11, separating with an “n” to divide the completely different passions we have.

I love to discover new designers around the world catching them during fashion fairs, on Instagram or Etsy and independent brand markets. I also like to support small businesses with a unique story and quality products I believe in.

Andrea is really passionate about pizza and the different ways of making it. He specializes in the sourdough culture, after he created Johnny (his sourdough starter) in 2013 with the aim to make the best Roman pizza in London.

It’s been almost two years since we’ve opened our store and have changed so many things as we have been learning from our mistakes every day and from receiving customer feedback. It’s not easy to run a business but we can say It’s definitely worth it when we see our customers happy.

We hope you enjoyed reading a bit about us, our business and what we do. We’ll keep posting to let you know the latest from 1n1.

Many thanks for reading!

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Martina n Andrea