The difference between Roman-style pizza and Neapolitan-style pizza.

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Every time we start our masterclass “How to Make Sourdough Pizza” we like to give some information about what kind of flour we use, how we created our sourdough starter, which toppings we prefer and the different style of pizzas. So for our second story post, we decided to talk about…


Difference between Roman style and Neapolitan style pizza, YAY!

Let’s start with our favourite as well as the one that we serve:

Roman-style Pizza 

This pizza style comes from Rome (obviously!) but it also used a lot in the North of Italy. The dough is made with flour, water, yeast (in our case sourdough starter), salt, and olive oil. Olive oil is an important ingredient as it gives the crust more weight and flavour, it also makes it easier for the dough to be hand stretched ‘cause of the softness. The best way to cook a Roman-style pizza is in the electric oven with a temperature of around 350° to let it cook slower and create the crunchiness that we love.

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Now let’s talk about the most famous style in the Uk:

Neapolitan-style Pizza

I have to say the first time I tried it I was in London! It’s very common in the South of Italy but where we’re from it’s actually hard to find.

It originated in Naples, known as the most traditional style of pizza. The dough is made with just flour, water, yeast and salt with no olive oil in the blend. It’s extremely soft and easy to stretch. To cook a Neapolitan-style pizza it requires an extremely hot oven (better if it’s a wood fire), around 450°/500° as the pizza needs quick baking. It’s usually served unsliced with a soft chewy crust.

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Now you know the difference between the two pizza styles, which team are you in?