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Cecilia & Gabriela

Founders of Vagina-nomics Magazine

Photographer: Francesco Zinno

“Chatting With” is back for its second interview in a month dedicated to women. Yes, it’s officially International Women’s History Month! This evening, 8th of March, we’ll host an event called “Women’s Day -Everyday-” to celebrate us, with other women/designers who honor the female figure in their creative works every day.

For this special occasion, we have the pleasure of interviewing the amazing women behind Vagina-nomics magazine, who will be also here tonight to showcase their products.

You’re all invited! Join us from 6.30pm, but first read the interview! :)


Martina: What is Vagina-nomics and who’s behind the brand?

Cecilia & Gabriela: Vagina-nomics is a feminist platform de-stigmatising female pleasure through art and design. We produce a biannual magazine, organise events and bring together like-minded artists from a variety of disciplines. We attempt to normalise the conversation around taboo subjects such as sex life, sexual health, body positivity, female empowerment and gender equality.

Vagina-nomics was created by two design managers, Cecilia Righini, the creative director, and Gabriela Dittrichova, the editor in chief. Through a variety of thought-provoking content created by leading feminist artists, we give voice to those who feel ashamed of discussing pleasure in public, yet are eager to share their opinions. We bridge the gap between biology and public perception and show that sex is private but nothing to be ashamed of.

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M: Why did you feel people need your magazine?

C&G: Because everyone needs to speak about sex! Thanks to our controversial name, which is actually an official term, we had a hard time registering our company with the government as well as on social media. Having our own publication allows us to eliminate censorship and gives us the freedom to not compromise our values.

M: What is a feminist, are you one, why and since when?

C&G: Somebody who supports equal rights. And yes, we 100% are and always were, even if we were not aware of it. Probably Ceci passed on her extreme enthusiasm to Gaby after an extensive research on sexuality: it all started from personal doubts on gender and sexuality and expanded into something that we realised was a problem rooted into society (surprise surprise).

M: What inspired you to encourage other women to embrace their female form?

C&G: Well, initially, ourselves! We grew up thinking our bodies were not enough… but only now we realised how wrong we were! We are still fighting our own issues with body positivity (who doesn’t!), but the least we can do is to make other people feel better about themselves. We try to support any type of positivity movement and inspire others to find comfort in their own bodies.

M: What do you imagine your audience doing or feeling as they read your magazine?

C&G: We hope that our readers feel inspired and encouraged to talk about sex and sexuality without being embarrassed. Once again, sex is private but nothing to be ashamed of, and if you do want to talk about it you should be able to without any judgement. Approaching sex through art and design is a way of not having the subject ‘in your face’, yet creating a tool to discuss it openly. Slowly but surely, Vagina-nomics is becoming a taboo-breaker and a conversation-starter regarding all things feminist!

M: How would you encourage other women to show self-love and what does this look like for yourself?

C&G: We think that, rather than showing self-love, it is first necessary to learn and really respect yourself. Showing confidence and self-love can inspire other women to follow, but the most important work needs to come from you. We believe each person is beautiful in his/her/their own way, and once you acknowledge that, no one can take it away from you.

M: What is important to you when featuring brands in your magazine?

C&G: We only work with brands and artists that are passionate about feminism and embody the concept through their products or artworks. We always try to accommodate for all types of art, so we do not restrict anyone by the format or the current theme. As a young company, we often experiment with the type of content we feature and are trying to be as open-minded as possible to cover a wide range of feminist topics.

M: Tell us a bit about your pop ups, what do they focus on and why?

C&G: The pop-up shops are an opportunity for our followers to meet us in person as well as get to know the amazing artists we feature. In the future, we would like to extend to other types of events, such as workshops and talks, to help us build an ever-growing community of feminist individuals supporting equality and pleasure.

M: Where is Vagina-nomics sold and how often is a new issue released?

C&G: Our biannual magazine is sold directly on our website, where you can get the physical as well as the digital version ( We are thrilled to be stocked by a London-based magazine shop magCulture ( vagina-nomics-1) and (hopefully) you will be able to find us in 1n1 fashion n pizza soon!

A copy is always available at our events and we are just launching a Kickstarter campaign (https:// to help us reach new audiences. A new issue is released twice a year, in November and in May.

M: Do you have any top female empowering products?

C&G: We love all the artists we feature and believe that all the products we offer online (https:// can equally empower women, men and non-binary people as we refuse to define equality by gender. The easiest way to get a taste of the type of work we love would be by reading about some of the inspiring stories behind the brands we feature online and in our Vagina-nomics magazine.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview, stay tuned for more ‘Chatting With’ featuring more amazing personalities.

You can support and read more about Vagina-nomics on their website and Instagram.