Chatting With / Amy and Jane from Ark Colour Design

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Amy & Jane

Founders of Ark Colour Design

Photo: @arkcolourdesign

March is now well known on Instagram as #marchmeetthemaker and we obviously cannot miss it!

For this occasion our not so new column “Chatting With" is back to introduce you to the faces behind our best seller brand: Ark Colour Design.

We have been stocking the brand for two year and cannot live without it! It’s fresh, colourful and funny!

Read this interview to know a bit more about this beautiful brand based in Scotland and about their founders.


Martina: Who is behind Ark Colour Design? 

Amy and Jane: Ark Colour Design was formed by Amy Lindsay and Jane Richards. We both worked together as buyers for the retail industry for the last 10 years.

M: What's your role in the business? and how did you come up with this project?

A&J: We were bored by the products on offer. They were usually Scandi, white washed trinkets from China and it was always very difficult to buy something made in England for the right price.

M: What response did you receive in the early days about your creative work?

A&J: I think we bought a fresh look to the gift market. Full of colour, British made with lots of naked people to bring a smile to your face. 

M: We chose to stock Ark more than a year ago and our customers love it as much as we do, what inspires your designs on the products?

A&J: We think it’s difficult to pinpoint what inspires us as we take inspiration from everywhere. It could be a current fashion trend, an art exhibition or something we found in a charity shop which starts the ball rolling into a new idea.

M: Who is your ideal type of customer? 

A&J: Our ideal customer is an 85 year old granny that buys a naked bookmark! Young and old they’re all an inspiration.

M: How are your products made and who makes them?

A&J: Our products are all made in Scotland by a small family run business. They out source the sewing to another family as well. We have built a great working relationship with them and they have continued to employ new people as our company grows.

M: Do you have any plan for the future of Ark? 

A&J: Yes!! We are moving to a fantastic new premises in the next couple of months. We will have plenty of room to expand and grow and a garden which were really excited about so I’m sure this will inspire our work even further. On the days we have our biggest orders to pack and label we can sit in the sunshine. Amy is also just about (any day now) to have her first baby so its a big year for all of us.

M: How would you describe your brand in 5 words?

A&J: Our brand is:

  • British 

  • Leather

  • Colourful

  • Handmade

  • Unique

M: What do you reckon are your best sellers? 

A&J: The best sellers are currently: the kissing clutches, boob key fobs and pocket money purses. We export these to some of the best retailers around the world in approximately 30 countries.


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Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview, stay tuned for more ‘Chatting With’ featuring more amazing personalities.

You can support and read more about Ark Colour Design on her website and Instagram.