5 reasons why you should Love Valentine's Day!



While most people are avoiding Valentine’s Day and dislike the commercial use of this celebration, I wanna say: I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY.

And here are 5 reasons why you should love it as well.

1. It’s a day to celebrate love! Who doesn’t love love?! & who said its just for people in a relationship? Its a great opportunity to just celebrate love in general showing your love to all the people you care about. It’s a day dedicated to the fun, cute and beautiful parts of love.

2. “Why do u hate valentine’s day?” Most people think its a commercial celebration and they’re right. But I would say avoid shopping in chains and go to a nice independent store and get something special and unique for the person you love as its more meaningful.

3. Everyday suppose to be Valentine’s Day. Oh yes. thats true! But if we have a proper day to celebrate love, why not enjoy it?! It’s a great way to focus purely on love and romance, spending it with whoever you love. Plan everything accordingly, so you don’t get disappointed! A pizza cooking class, a homemade dinner, a night out, cinema.. whatever you’ll enjoy.

4. Valentine’s Day is also meant for self love. Taking some time to treat yourself as self love comes first. Having a night in, enjoying your own company with a face mask on and Netflix. Order yourself some food and have some alone time.

5. Last but not least, eat chocolates or desserts without feeling guilty, at all!