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Robyn Poppy

Instagrammer, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

For our first ever “Chatting with” we had the pleasure to interview Robyn Poppy, one of our first Instagrammer collaboration. When we met her in July 2018 it had been a year since she started her blog with only 5k genuine followers on Instagram. Today Robyn is still running her fashion and lifestyle blog with over 20k people following her fashion tips, her personal style and travels on it.

She’s an inspiration for many young girls that want to join the blogging world and she has some advice for you!

Read the interview below and find out her personal journey.


Martina: What influenced you to start your own fashion and lifestyle blog and develop your Instagram feed? 

Robyn: I’ve always loved fashion and had debated the idea of setting up a blog and building my social channels for a while. But the reason I actually started was because my final year university dissertation was focussed on fashion bloggers. Therefore I decided to set up my own blog, with the hope that I’d learn more about the industry that way, and also see how possible it was to grow a social following. It all went pretty well so I carried it on!

M: How did you feel when more people started following you and you reached your first 10k on Instagram? 

R: Just the fact that people like my style and content enough to follow me is so amazing! And I never thought that everything would go so well and my following would grow at this rate. Especially as there’s so much out there nowadays saying the industry is saturated and it’s impossible to grow… it’s definitely possible. The first 10k was insane. It was during LFW and I just remember feeling so happy that I’d reached that milestone.

M: Is Instagram a full-time job for you or is it more a hobby? If it's a hobby, would you like it to become your career? 

R: Instagram is more of a part-time job/hobby for me. I work full time in influencer marketing and love it. I was freelancing as a full-time blogger in between jobs for a few months and quite quickly decided I didn’t want that to be my full-time job. Things might change in the future but for now, I’m quite happy with how things are.

M: Who takes your pictures and how long does it take you to publish your content? 

R: A massive mixture! I have my own camera, an Olympus OMD EM10 Mark II, which I shoot a lot of my photos on. I’ll rope in my friends, family, boyfriend, and other bloggers to help me take the pictures. I also work quite regularly with a photographer (@elenaimpi_photography) who takes a lot of my photos. Generally, I’ll post content within a few days of taking it, but it may depend on how quickly I need to turn the post around.

M: Do you have any advice to someone starting their fashion blog today? 

R: Define your niche (it doesn’t have to be anything majorly obscure), post regularly, engage with other bloggers, spend some time brushing up on your photography/editing skills, create amazing shareable content and have fun! Use this as an outlet to be creative, not to get ‘Instagram famous’.

M: Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration? 

R: If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have one. I follow lots of different bloggers and see what celebrities etc are wearing and I’ll just pick what trends/items I like and style them in whatever way I feel suits my style. But I can’t think of a particular person who I’d say I take a massive amount of inspiration from.

M: Who are your top 3 favourite Instagrammers? 

R: I’d have to say @isabellath @oliviaandalice_ and @kelseyinlondon – They all have killer content which I’m in awe of!

M: What is currently on your playlist? 

R: I love a bit of Indie/Rock music. At the moment I’ve been listening to new music from The 1975, Sam Fender and Bring Me The Horizon

M: Finally, what would you say are the top 5 must-haves of this season? 

R: A good pair of MOM or straight leg jeans, a white t-shirt, a beige trench or wrap coat, a chunky pair of trainers (They’re definitely still in for this season I’d say) and a killer pair of sunnies!.

I’ve listed some of my favourites below for you -

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview, stay tuned for more ‘Chatting With’ featuring more amazing personalities.

You can support and read more about Robyn Poppy on her website and Instagram.