Andrea loves pizza, Martina loves fashion. Andrea loves Martina and Martina loves Andrea. Together they make up the charming business: 1n1 fashion n pizza. The creative duo work side by side in their Spitalfields store, two floors dedicated to the synergy of shopping and eating.

Working only with independent designers, Martina’s expert eye for burgeoning talent means a handful of carefully selected fashion labels. Names include Chiara Luppi, Karibù Bijoux and Nikki Strange.

Andrea is dedicated to creating the perfect Italian sourdough pizza, using stone ground flours to create flavours that are consistently organic and light.

For 2 years 1n1 fashion n pizza has provided an intimate shopping experience. Situated on the cusp of the City of London, Martina and Andrea invite you to enter to step into their world for a moment – you won’t be disappointed.  


The store is designed from Redesign, a design brand created by Martina and Andrea in their little town in 2016, find out more on etsy.com/redesignitalia